What Is Skorku

“SKORKU” is a three-digit scoring system, ranging from 470 to 710, that summarize all the information beyond the credit report, into a single score by applying machine learning algorithm. Information about a borrower’s demography, length of credit history, repayment patterns and types of credit are used to measure the borrower’s potential credit risk and predict the likelihood of defaulting on repayments.

Why Skorku

→ Based on qualified samples of credit records of 15+ million borrowers maintained at KBIJ – a world-leading credit bureau in Indonesia

→ Predict the likelihood of 90+ days delinquency in the next 12 months following date of scoring, measured across existing and newly opened accounts

→ Developed by OneConnect Financial Technology, a subsidiary of Ping An Group

→ Driven by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

→ Comply with Indonesian and global regulations

What Are The
Benefits of Skorku

Versatile and Flexible

✓ Quick credit approvals

✓ Credit limit assessment

✓ Consumer segmentation and targeting

Better Performance

Compared with traditional application scores, SKORKU is potentially able to:

✓ Improve approval rate by 20% ~ 60% approximately for a given bad rate

✓ Reduce bad rate by 10% ~ 40% approximately for a given approve rate

Instant check

Request your credit reports and scores anytime by:

✓ Web Browser – Real-time requests

✓ Business-to-Business (B2B) – Real-time multiple requests

✓ File Transfer Service (FTS) – Batch requests

How It Works

Payment History – 40%

The presence of arrears on a borrower’s credit accounts will reduce the credit score.

Borrowers Information – 20%

Demographic data such as education and occupation will affect the borrower’s score.

Length of Credit History – 15%

Long credit histories are regarded as more attractive or more reliable.

Credit Mix – 15%

A mix of credit types help show that the borrower is an experienced borrower.

New Credit – 10%

The lenders may assume that the borrowers are overburdening themselves if they have a new credit facility in the near term.

Providing data-driven credit intelligence
that enrich business performance and consumer lives
About Us

PT. Kredit Biro Indonesia Jaya (KBIJ) has been granted the operational license No: KEP-86/D.03/2015 from OJK to function as a private credit bureau with effect from 22nd December 2015.

We aim to be the first operational credit-reporting agency in Indonesia, delivering unparalleled credit insight that enrich business performance and consumer lives through the comprehensive and differentiated data that we manage.

KBIJ’s experienced team has implemented world-leading credit bureaus in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

KBIJ obtains its credit information mainly from Sistem Informasi Debitur (SID) that is managed by Bank Indonesia and OJK. Gradually, KBIJ will work hand in hand with other third party data providers, credit grantors and government agencies to obtain other credit-related information to provide a more comprehensive credit report.

Members of KBIJ who currently supply data to SID are not required to supply into KBIJ. However, members who are not supplying to SID are required to supply their credit information into KBIJ in order to maintain the reciprocity principle.

Contact us today for further information related to “SKORKU” and other bureau services: marketing@kbij.co.id

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